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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course?

How much do online-courses cost?

What is a forum?

How do I join a forum?

Do I have to post on the forum?

When does registration close?


What is an online course? An online (distance learning) course is a course that does not require students to attend classes in a classroom. Instead, with the help of a computer and a connection to the Internet all discussion is accomplished through the web or email. Top

How much do online-courses cost? Our objective is to minimize the cost of online learning as much as possible. Surely, you understand that there are expenses in running and maintaining a web site and in preparing and distributing materials.  We ask only that our course participants assist in covering these expenses. Some courses will be free and others will cost around $20 to $30 US. Top

What is a forum? Each course has a web-based forum. A forum is the electronic equivalent of a bulletin board. On a physical bulletin board, you can hand-write notes and “thumbtack” them to the board. With forums, you go to a web site (http:www.unityworks.com/forum), click on the name of a particular forum to open it, read the messages already written to it, then write your own, and "submit" it. Within the Forum, each unit of the course has its own "topic" or "thread" (think of them as sections or columns of a bulletin board). Top

How do I join a forum? Go to our forum site (http:www.unityworks.com/forum) and click on the Register link, and then follow the instructions. Top

Do I have to post on the forum? The purpose of our forum is to continue learning after taking a course. How much you want to participate in the discussions is entirely at your discretion. If you are bursting with ideas, just jump right in and share your thoughts and feelings. If you are too shy to contribute to the discourse, perhaps reading comments, ideas and posted feedbacks on a particular subject may enhance your online experience and hopefully you will keep coming back for more. These forums are aimed at like-minded souls who want to be part of an online gathering with the hope of enhancing each other's knowledge. The beauty of this technology is that we can be in different parts of the world, oceans and continents apart from each other, and yet share a unique unity of purpose. Top

When does registration close? We recommend that people register at least one week before the beginning of the course. This also gives us enough time to mail you any material. Although the courses we offer are of short duration, we will not refuse any registration. To register first view the course catalog and select one for enrollment. Top

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